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Biophysical Fundamentals of the Evolution of the Humankind Mind

Biophysics. Vol. 48, No. 3.  2003. p.544.

Translated from Biofizika - Russian Academy of Sciences, Vol. 48, No. 3.  2003. p.573.

Original Russian Text Copyright © 2003 by Eremin

English Translation Copyright © 2003 MAIK “Nauka/Interperiodica” (Russia)

Full version deposited at VINITI, no 697-V2003 of April 14, 2003 


Eremin A.L.

Krasnodar Municipal Medical Institute, South-Russian Division, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Krasnodar, Russia   

It has been concluded that the humankind is a single integrated autonomous organizationally closed information-intelligence system. By the beginning of the XXI century, the humankind psyche and the global mind have already existed.

The hierarchical structures of the information-intellectual self-organizations of the mankind and the human brain are classified into 6 hierarchies and in 10 dimension orders. Physiological possibilities of the brain and the functional informational potential of the humankind are compared in terms on 9 biophysical parameters. It is stated that, in order of magnitude, the number of "components" of the mankind (6•109 people) approaches the number of "components" of the human brain (109-1012 neurons).

The functional information potential of autonomous intelligence system is directly proportional to the number of its "components", the rate of external communication between them, and the speed of computations within the components, and is inversely proportional to the distance between them: F ≈ NVQ/S.

The functional information potentials of humankind as a whole and individual human brain are approximately equal: F Noo, brain F Noo, mankind.

New terms have been introduce: information ecology is a science that studies the effect of information on the formation and functioning of a brain, the person, human societies, and humankinds as a whole; on individual and social relations with information environment; and also interpersonal and intergroup information interactions.

Noogenesis is an evolutionary morphofunctional development of the mind of the autonomous information-intellectual system.   A theory of the evolution of the intellect is considered: the evolution of the humankind repeats features of the evolution of the reason of the brain both in evolutionary development of organisms and at individual development of the human.

The fundamental law of the evolution of the humankind is hypothesized, which stated that, in the evolution of the humankind, some features of the phylogeny are briefly repeated and some features of the phylogeny are briefly repeated and some characteristics on the ontogeny of the human brain recur long.  

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