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Alexey L. Eryomin   


(was born 1958)                                                            (Eremin, Jeremy, Jeremin, Eremine) (Alexei, Aleksey, Alex)

For the first time new scientific directions has developed by Alexey L. Eryomin: 1995-2001 – “information hygiene”, laws of "information ecology”, codes and models of safe information policy; 2002-2007 - noogenesis and ecology of intellectual systems, autonomy of mankind, global reason - forecasts of formation and health, intellectual energy, mathematical bases of parameters of intelligence, intellectual iteration, the theory of intellect, phenomenology of mankind,also - informational programming death, intellectual recipes for prolonging life, classification in noopharmacology and strategies of increase of intellectual abilities, vectors of modern sexual sapiens selection, formation of a new kind of the Homo etc.

Alexey L. Eryomin has finished in 1981 the Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy named after I.I.Mechnikov (M.D.) In 1985 Dr. Eryomin entered a post-graduate education in the Institute of Medicine of Labour of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (Moscow) by correspondence. In 1991 Alexei Eryomin finished the post-graduate study defending a thesis «Peculiarities of emotional stress development» for a degree of a «Candidate of Medical Sciences» (Ph.D.). 

On a period from 1990 to 1993 he was elected as a Deputy of the Krasnodar City Council, President of Deputy’s Commission by International Relation. Since 1999 to 2001 he worked as a Vice-Chief of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Krasnodar City Hall. 1997-1999 and 2001-2002 – director, vice-director of Public-Information Centre of Krasnodar. He worked as a President of the non-governmental organisations - Informational Centre «Peace League» (1997-2000), National Cultures Centre (1992 to 2000, 1995 - associated with UN Department of Public Information*, collective member of International Academy of Informatisation). NCC are 30 NGO of the ethnic communities united for mutual enrichment of the many cultures, living side by side in Kuban region and the peaceful progress of these varied people.  

In 1994-2000 Dr. Eryomin participated in international seminars and conference: "Trans-European Management" (Universities of Lancaster, Tottenham, Wuppertal; Germany, 1994), "Human Rights" (Helsinki Foundation, Poland, 1995), «Target Management» (International Institute of Organisation Development, Belgium, 1996), «Partnerships Constructing» (United Nations, USA, 1997), «Development of Well-neighbourhood in South-East Europe» (European Union, Greece, 1998; Hungary, 1999), «Exchange of the experience in the assistance of interethnic harmony» (British Council, United Kingdom, 2000).

Scientific interests of Dr. Eryomin in the new scientific direction «informational ecology» and «information hygiene» are aimed at researching the information’s influence on individual and public health as a condition of physical, psychological and social well-being in order to work out a code of ecology-hygiene informational behaviour in the several spheres of modern human life (for development of multicultural dialogue, psychohygiene, keeping of common informational space, preventive of emotional stresses and connected with them diseases, international and social conflicts, optimisation of management, education, informational nets and work of mass-media). 

Alexei L.Eryomin has been teaching in the Kuban State Medical Academy on the department of the pathophysiology (1992-1997), and in the Krasnodar Municipal Medical Institute on the Chair of Fundamental and Prophylactic Medicine (since 1998 to present). 

The results of researches of Dr.Eryomin were published (50 papers) in The International Journal of Environmental Studies (1998, vol.54, United Kingdom) and different Russian special scientific magazines (Hygiene of Labour and Occupational Diseases, 1989, No 8; Human Physiology, 1991, No 3; Hygiene and Sanitation, 1998, No 1; Ecology of Human, 2000, No 2; Problems of Social Hygiene, Healthcare and History of Medicine, 2000, No 6; scientific collections of Russian Physiological Society named after I.P.Pavlov; Military-Medical Academy, 2000; Biophysics* – Russian Academy of Sciences*, 2003, No, 3; Nature* – Russian Academy of Sciences, 2004, No, 4). Eryomin A.L. had published monograph “Information & Health. Models of Safety Information Behaviour”- St. Petersburg, 2001. – which had been characterised by Administration of President of Russia* (letter of Presidential Domestic Policy Directorate №A25-3227 November 20, 2001) as a “unique handbook in country on information ecology”.

Main work - monograph “Noogenesis and Theory of Intellect” (2005).   

A. Eryomin is the member of the British Ecological Society (membership number: ORD/131309), The Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene (identification number 830528), International Academy of Ecology and Human Safety (since 2006). In 2005 “Formula of Intellect” by Eryomin is awarded ranks of the winner of the All-Russia Concurs «Science - to Society - 2004», organized by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund at the Government of Russia, the Russian Agency of Scientific News, British Council, Association of Scientific Journalists of Russia. 

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